Vine City Residents Interviewed by Neighborhood High School Students

Cover of the publication
the students from Booker T. Washington School
put together in 1989 (photograph by authors).

On April 23, 1988 three students from Booker T. Washington High School students interviewed Mrs. Mabel Austell, a resident in Vine City. Students wanted to find out her opinion on the building of the Georgia Dome. She argued the stadium had to be built outside the city because outherwise it might bring traffic, trash disposal, high taxes, and crime problems for the neighborhood. She viewed Vine City as a nice place to live, where some people had succeeded in their professions. She thought the stadium would change this equilibrium.

Vine City/Domed stadium Oral History Project, 1989.
The location in the Kenan Research Center (Atlanta History Center) can be found here.